Warranty Policy

One Year Standard Warranty For Most Products!

Wonda Mobile offers up to 12 months warranty on mobile phone and tablet, providing customers with the confidence and security when shopping on our website. All you need to pay is to ship the device to our address.

For Waterproof products, Accessories and Gadgets, we only offer the manufacturer's warranty or an in-store 30 days warranty, whichever is longer.
The warranty period starts from the date printed on your invoice, and hence includes the shipping and return shipping time as well as the repair duration.

Upon receiving and accepting your payment, we will provide you with cover for your purchase(s) as stated in this warranty.

The Wonda Mobile warranty warrants the product to operate according to manufacturer's specifications for the period as stated above from the date of order.
Please note that some of our products are imported goods and may not come with manufacturer's warranty; instead we will cover the warranty through our own company.

What is covered:

  • 12 months and labour costs for the repair of a manufacture defect or fault in production, which leads to product malfunctioning.
  • 12 months and labour costs for the repair of a fault in the material of the product, which leads to product malfunctioning.
  • 1 month parts and labour costs for the replacement of a fault in the material of detachable rechargeable batteries.

 * Physical damage on display screen is considered as accidental damage by most manufacturers. Labour and parts incurred will always be charged under warranty, while we will cover return shipping.

General Terms

All warranty requests must be submitted formally by email to our support team at cs@wondamobile.com.
It is recommended to copy down the item serial number (IMEI for mobile devices) of your product and this should be mentioned in any communication with Wonda Mobile. 
If the product is returned to Wonda Mobile, we will ensure the safety of your product(s) while it is in our possession. However, whilst every effort will be made to return your product (and accessories, such as charger, memory card, etc...), Wonda Mobile cannot accept any liability, nor pay any compensation for the loss of a particular item. You should not ship out any accessory not required for the repair unless instructed by us to do so.
Wonda Mobile warrants its product (excluding accessories, software, consumables such as, but not limited to, toner, ink sheets, paper and other consumables as defined by us) to be in good working order during the period of warranty. The warranty is subject to proof of purchase; therefore you should retain your payment receipt (PayPal receipt and invoice email are valid for warranty claim). 

Failure to follow our written instructions for the product, or those of the manufacturer’s:

  • Damage or defect due to wilful neglect or negligence by anyone other than us
  • Loss of quality, degradation of performance or actual damage that results from the use of spare parts or other replaceable items (such as consumables) that are neither made nor recommended by the manufacturer
  • Modification to the product and/or software, by someone other than our representatives 
  • The product serial has been removed, made eligible or damaged
  • Connected to other fittings, accessories, equipment or software to the product which were not approved by manufacturer

We may choose to replace your product if the cost of repair is not economical. In the case of the product no longer being available, we may choose to replace it with a similar product of the same or greater value. These values are determined by what the values are at the time of replacement.

    • You will be responsible for the cost of repair if the fault of the product is not covered by this warranty.
    • You will be responsible for the cost of inspections and diagnostic if the fault of the product is not covered by this warranty.
    • You must inform the service centre in email if you change your address while your product is being repaired. 
    • You will be responsible for the cost of having the product returned to you if the fault of the product is not covered by this warranty.
    • The only obligation of Wonda Mobile under this warranty is the provision of the service as set out above.
    • You should take all reasonable precautions to protect your assets and property (including all software and data) and to minimise potential loss or disruption, including, where necessary, to make complete backups of all your software and data and utilising virus checking controls.
    • The warranty is not transferable to a third party.

Specific exclusions

  • Consumable products such as batteries and films are not covered by the warranty.
  • Products that are not electronic items or do not consume electricity (e.g. Cases, Lens Hoods, and etc) are not covered
  • Any repaired cost of carrier related issue (e.g. SIM Card, availability, coverage, service, range etc.) of mobile phones and tablets will not be covered by Wonda Mobile.
  • Any issues caused by the firmware or software, modification to operating system, rooted or jailbroken to the phones or tablets will not be covered by Wonda Mobile Warranty Policy.

General Exclusions (on what's NOT covered by warranty)

  • Wear and tear
  • Damage caused by impact, shock, fall, sand, dust, dirt, dampness, leaking batteries, fire, theft, attempted theft, vandalism, acts of war or terrorism, corrosion, water contamination or ingress, frost, flooding, winds, earthquakes, lightning or other adverse weather conditions
  • Any accidental or malicious damage
  • Any damage due to exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal environment conditions
  • Improper usage, storage or handling of the product 
  • Any damage due to operating with incorrect or irregular power (electric voltage) supply
  • Any breach of the terms and conditions of this warranty or the contract terms
  • External causes out of our control which may include accidents, fire disasters or burglaries 
  • Repair or cleaning carried out by unauthorized personnel
  • Any malfunctions or specific requirements of any other item of hardware or software which you added to the product that was not included in the contract 
  • Correction of errors for any non-Wonda Mobile or original manufacturer proprietary software (such as rooting/flashing of phone ROM)
  • Loss or damage of data 
  • Attaching the product to a network not approved by us, or if you have made changes to your operating or network system
  • Not installing any error correction that is issued for the software
  • Use not as intended
  • Damaged Display on Screen (LCD) due to improper usage
  • Non-Manufacturer defect on Lenses
  • Liquid damage
  • Damage due to improper packing during shipment to service center or service agent


Special Note

The warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress. Wonda Mobile will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction with this product.

Wonda Mobile reserves the right for final decision in case of dispute.